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Meeting Minutes March 18, 2013 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Diane Deardorff   
Monday, 18 March 2013 00:00

The Washington Township Board of Supervisor’s met at the Municipal Building on March 18, 2013

All Supervisors were present.

Chairman Dan McGregor called the meeting to order at 7:30 P.M.

Everyone stood for the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag.

The minutes from the previous meeting were read and approved as read.

The Treasurer’s report was read and approved as read.

Supervisor Dan McGregor read the following reports. Franklintown Fire Company responded to 25 calls for the month of February with 2 in the township. Wellsville Fire Company responded to 23 calls total for the month of January with 3 in the township and February’s report they responded to 21 calls total with 2 in the township. There was no report from Dillsburg EMS or East Berlin Fire Company.

Subdivision Plans:

Supervisor Jeff Propps made a motion to approve the Subdivision Plans for Daniel Royster at 580 Kralltown Rd, known as parcel KD-25. Supervisor Harlen Anderson, Jr. seconded the motion. These plans were originally submitted in 2006 and were finalized after a boundary difference with neighbor Gerald Myers. The plans have a note added in regards to building rights that were discussed prior to the Supervisor’s approval. Planning Commission members present at the meeting signed the plans after Supervisors approval.

Business from the Floor:

Property owner Brian Wallace and resident Susan Hoke were told by the Planning Commission to attend tonight’s meeting in regards to private church meetings that are taking place at Mr. Wallace’s property at 2164 Baltimore Pike, East Berlin. After a discussion between them, the Supervisors and the Solicitor, they were advised to apply for a Zoning Hearing for a Variance for multiple uses, at a cost of $600.00. This step would be first before complying with ADA requirements. They are not to continue holding meetings until a Zoning Hearing takes place. The question was asked if a member lived at this property would they be allowed to continue holding meetings there. The Solicitor’s response was yes, if they show proper proof that they reside there.

Franklintown Mayor, Jim Adams presented the Supervisors with information on the new truck that Franklintown Fire Company is purchasing. He also discussed the Fire Company Agreement and changing the renewal date to correspond with the Workers Compensation renewal, which is in July, so the amount paid by the township will be accurate on the agreement. He suggested only paying half of the agreement amount now and the other half when the Workers Compensation is paid. The Supervisors agreed to make the change as suggested.

Old Business:

Supervisor Propps reported that he is working on the changes to the draft ordinances and submitting changes to the other Supervisors for review. He also provided a copy to the Township’s Planning Commission.

Supervisor Dan McGregor reminded residents of Spring Clean-up on April 24, 25 and 26.





New Business:

Supervisor Harlen Anderson, Jr. made a motion to adopt Resolution 2013-01, fees for additions to cell towers under Act 191. Supervisor Dan McGregor seconded the motion.

Supervisor Jeff Propps made a motion to have the Secretary advertise for bids for assorted stones, fuels and E-3 to be opened at the April 15th meeting. Supervisor Harlen Anderson, Jr. seconded the motion.

There was brief discussion on a request by Connie Beiler for her son to install wooden playground equipment at Mt Ridge Church as a scout project. The Supervisors have no problem with the request since it is on the church’s property, the church would be liable. They did ask the Zoning Officer to check with her on the location of the equipment to make sure it meets setback requirements.

Solicitor’s Report:

Solicitor Sharon Myers had nothing additional to report. The Supervisors requested a short executive meeting after the meeting.

Supervisor Jeff Propps made a motion to pay bills out of the General Funds Account totaling $10,338.44 and the State Account totaling $7,479.85. Supervisor Harlen Anderson, Jr. seconded the motion.

Supervisor Dan McGregor made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:24 P.M. Supervisor Harlen Anderson, Jr. seconded the motion.

Respectfully Submitted,

Diane Deardorff, Secretary/Treasurer